How Many Followers Do I Need On Twitter And Facebook

I’ve been wondering about how many followers I “need” on different sites lately.

Follow MeI guess that I could just as easily ask ‘how long is a piece of string?’

If you are on a social media site for interaction, and getting to know people, the answer may be as many as you can comfortably handle.

In the case of networking for business, the answer would be similar, though a larger number could be expected.

As far as marketing is concerned, I can see the advantage in having a large following, though it would be wise to remember that your list of followers is not the same as an email marketing list.

Using email marketing with a firm like Aweber for example requires a ‘double optin’ process. People on Myspace, Plurk, Stumbleupon etc joined a social networking site, not your list.

Social Icons
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I maintain relatively small, (intentionally I might add), groups of friends on different sites.

Since starting this blog, and getting involved in social media a few years ago, I’ve found that if I write something that interests my friends, they tell their other friends, and I benefit…

Social networking has also been responsible for business opportunities that have come my way, particularly Share2Grow.

What do you think? Is social media all about numbers?

Am I wrong in thinking that keeping my immediate network relatively compact is the way to go?

Care to debate the issue?

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  1. says

    I too generally keep my numbers down on social networking sites with a similar idea to you, if people want to share something I have posted, they will. I guess it can be a handy way of sharing without spamming.

    As for a marketing tool, I would imagine the more ‘numbers’ the better to be able to get your message out to the masses, but again if people like what they see or hear they do pass it on to their networks.

    Perhaps from a marketing perspective, it would depend on what you do with that particular network and how you market yourself.
    .-= Wendishness´s last blog ..Protected: Things that make you go hmmm =-.

  2. Allan says

    @Wendishness I don’t know that I ‘keep numbers down’, but rather don’t go chasing them.

    I’d prefer to interact with people, and let my network grow naturally.

    As far as marketing on Twiter etc is concerned, I think that our main product is our selves… if we gain credibility with friends, they will tell others about us!



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