Adding Movies and Mp3 Files To WordPress

I was looking for a way to embed music into my blog today, and just couldn’t find an easy answer!

I had already learned how to add Youtube videos, and thought that this should be just as simple, but that wasn’t the case!

After trying a number of options, I literally stumbled over Roy Tanck’s blog, and found exactly what I had been looking for!

‘Thisplayer’ plugin allows you to embed ‘flv‘, ‘swf‘ or ‘mp3‘ files in your blog.

At the moment this appears to only work on self hosted wordpress blogs.


To find out more, just visit Roy Tancks

I don’t know Roy at all, but found his site to be very user friendly and easy to navigate, with a number of themes, plugins and gadget reviews!

Someone as generous as Roy is with his products and knowledge is an asset and I’d encourage you to tell your friends about what you find there!


  1. Allan says

    Glad it was helpful Ange – I’m going to expand on this shortly and include some other, relevant plugins.

    Another friend and I also pushing on with the release of our new media player, which will be able to be downloaded and used on the desktop without installation!!

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