Allan Cockerill Writer And Marketing Consultant

Allan Cockerill does custom copy writingI’m Allan Cockerill, writer and marketing consultant.

I specialize in helping businesses build relationship with their clients in the market place.

Getting your conversation right with your market is vital. Get it wrong, and the world will know about it instantly.

This is true whether you are running a conventional off line business, or a business that operates primarily on the internet.

My Favorite Quote:

‘Markets are conversations – Talk is cheap, silence is fatal!’
(from: The Clue Train Manifesto 1999)*

Your market place conversation must be coherent, logical, appealing and honest, covering all parts of your customers’ experience with you.

Marketing your product purely on price, without great customer service or product reliability is a recipe for disaster.

On the other hand, having a product to sell at the right price, without being able to get your story into the market place is no fun either!

Allan Cockerill - ghost writerThat’s where I come in!

I have been involved in article marketing for a number of years, both as a writer, and as the owner of an article directory ( that published thousands of articles for writers from 2007 until 2011.

Having the final say on what was published, and what wasn’t, gave me an insight into what other directory owners allow as well.

Badly written articles, or those that have been put together using an article robot, or article spinner, were the first to hit the trash bucket.

Next were pieces that were crammed with keywords, and likely to get the site into trouble with the search engines.

What About Other Forms Of Writing?

Writing a newspaper article or a magazine feature are jobs that I really enjoy.

Creative writing, taking a bunch of ideas and information about your product or service, and turning it into something communicates with your clients and sells your product is what I am about!

SEO writing, and writing content for websites are also part of my portfolio.

Incidentally, while search engine optimization can be complex at times, it doesn’t have to be overly expensive.

With the proper research on my part, and the right information from you, I can design articles and content that can then be polished by my SEO experts, and used in your Adword Campaign.

How Much Do You Charge

The cost can vary, depending on the amount and quality of information that you give me.

The more precise information about your product or service that you can give me, the less research I need to do.

Less research means less time spent, which in turn means a lower cost to you!

Are You A Ghost Writer?

Yes, I can do ghost writing assignments.

The price varies, again according to the research needed, the number of pages required and so on.

Can I see Some Of Your Work?

You sure can!

This website contains a number of different articles on a lot of different topics – I designed it that way!

You can look around and decide if I am suitable for your writing assignment by clicking here.

You can contact me here!

Allan Cockerill: Article Marketing Expert

*Quote from The Cluetrain Manifesto
by Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger
Published: 2000 by Perseus Books (ISBN 0-7382-0431-5)