Is Google In The Market To Buy Skype

Skypeme IconMarketing Pilgrim reports that Ebay is considering selling Skype, possibly to Google!

Quoting an article in The Financial Times, the site reports that although the company is growing and showing good returns, it doesn’t fit with Ebay’s core business model.

The most likely buyer, according to the ‘buzz’, is Google, because it would fit with Google’s GTalk.

Apparently, Ebay originally thought that the Internet telephone company would facilitate effective communication between buyers and sellers.

With a reported 309 million users, and a growing revenue base, the company could well be a great buy for a prudent purchaser.

Skype IconI write a lot about social networking, and Skype is often forgotten in this context.

It is a great communication tool, and with the number of users that it now boasts, would be a great tie in with other networking platforms.

(There is a Skype application available on Facebook).

An interesting story to watch… meanwhile, one wonders just what Google isn’t in the market to buy!

Go to Skype!


  1. says

    I would not be suprised by Google buying Skype. Skype is a better fit into the Google system than it is in the Ebay world. Also Google would do more with the technology where to me it currently is languishing in the muck and going nowhere.

    background checkss last blog post..Checking Your Own Background

  2. Allan says

    Yes, I have to admit that it would be a better fit with Google.

    Nothing like sticking with businesses that conform to your existing business model.

    Thanks for the comment!

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